Important Notice Regarding Recruitment Fraud

Fraudulent recruitment drives have been previously reported using QAFCO’s name and logo. These scams have manifested in various forms, including but not limited to:

- Unsolicited phone calls offering unapplied-for positions.
- Illegitimate overseas job advertisements purporting mass recruitment.
- False social media profiles promoting non-existent career opportunities.
- Communications from email addresses not ending with

Typically, such fraudulent offers can be recognized by requests for personal or financial details, payment demands for processing fees, pressuring for quick offer acceptance, communication from non-QAFCO email domains, or poorly crafted documents with grammatical errors and unauthorized use of our logo.

For your safety, please do not engage with or respond to these fraudulent propositions. Should you encounter or suspect any communication to be a scam under the guise of QAFCO, contact us immediately at, or reach out via direct message on our verified Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts (@qafcopr) for confirmation.

Please be advised that QAFCO disclaims all liability for any loss or damage incurred due to such fraudulent recruitment activities.