At Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO), we are dedicated to fostering a dynamic and skilled workforce composed of Qatari Nationals. Our strategy is not only focused on recruiting qualified Qatari talent but also on nurturing the potential of young nationals holding a Secondary School Certificate. We are proud to offer a suite of professional development programs tailored to enhance the skills and career trajectories of our Qatari employees.

We encourage Qatari Nationals who aspire to advance their careers with QAFCO to explore opportunities within our Technician Certificate Program (TCP), various Diploma Programs, and University Graduate Development Programs designed to empower the next generation of industry leaders.


1. The Technician Certificate Program (TCP)

QAFCO invites Qatari Nationals, post-Secondary School Certificate, to join our workforce as process operators and maintenance technicians. The TCP equips candidates for specialties in:

- Process Plant Operation
- Mechanical
- Electrical
- Instrumentation

Eligibility for TCP:
- High School Certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
- Fulfillment of program-specific entry requirements.
- Field of study aligning with QAFCO’s operational needs.
- Qatari National under 30 years of age.
- Successful interview outcome.
- Clearance of QAFCO-directed medical examination.
- Completion of company and government recruitment formalities.
- Adherence to additional QAFCO criteria as applicable.

2. Diploma Programs (DP)

These programs are designed to prepare Qatari Nationals for various staff positions and serve as a stepping stone towards university education.

Eligibility for DP:
- Qatari National under 25 years of age.
- Chosen field of study aligning with QAFCO’s operational needs.
- Identified target position within QAFCO by HR or the relevant department.
- Acceptance of diploma study plan by QAFCO, including any foundational courses if required.
- Compliance with additional QAFCO criteria as needed.


QAFCO’s Graduate Development Program is strategically designed to align Qatari graduates with the company’s evolving operational needs. The program is meticulously structured around three core principles:

1. Competency-Based Training: 
Our focus is on developing the specific competencies required to excel in the designated roles within QAFCO.

2. Diverse Work Experience: 
We ensure graduates gain a broad range of work experiences, crucial for the holistic development of their professional competencies.

3. Progressive Responsibility: 
The program is tailored to gradually increase the level of responsibility and accountability of graduates, preparing them to take on full professional duties within their targeted positions.

Application Process for the Graduate Development Program: To apply, please submit the following documents to
- A copy of your Qatari ID.
- Your degree certificate and full academic transcripts.
- Your comprehensive Resume/CV.

Please be aware that the selection for QAFCO’s Graduate Development Programs is based on the company’s current business needs and is at the sole discretion of QAFCO. Submission of an application does not guarantee admission, nor does it obligate QAFCO to provide a placement. All applications will undergo QAFCO’s standard selection process.

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